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Dinner & a movie... - Jett Black's Playground [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Jett Black

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Dinner & a movie... [Jul. 27th, 2014|09:29 pm]
Jett Black
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THANK YOU: to a special family who this week provided me with a bottle of sweet Cab-Sauv wine, which I am enjoying right now with a penne pasta dinner that I made apparently for myself... o wait, others are now arriving to the house as I type (thank god, else i might consume the entire meal and the bottle alone, if necessary... and it seems necessary).

Okay the MEAL: two kinds of penne I am trying... by Barilla: veggie penne which is a tomato-based pasta, and whole grain penne. Now, the sauce, of course is the real flavour and the heart of the meal... This is an assortment of left-overs minced up and piled into three different kinds of pasta sauces.

The sauces: organic vodka sauce (check it out! Apparently several different producers make this variety, so pick one.); Four cheese Alfredo, with sun-dried tomatoes; and a Parmesan Romano blend. I used about 1/3 of each bottle for the blend and a LARGE handled pot/sauce pan because I will be adding the left-over stock.

The stock is a bunch of stewed items from a pot roast dinner which includes stewed carrots, onions and roast beef with lotsa spices (basil, oregano, garlic, cayenne, etc.) Then there was a whole chicken that I de-boned and added to a buncha greens and celery and various colours of bell peppers... more of the same spices and I forget what else, plus a few types of cheese that I had chopped up from block.

Another dinner left over was another beef stock minced up into some sort of veggies and beef meatloaf sort of pie. So some of that pie top crust dough stuff kinda like dumplings.

Minced all of this up more and added it to boiling pasta sauce.

Penne pasta cooked to full tenderness and expansion with Celery Salt liberally added to the water for flavour and ionization of the water.

Upon straining the penne pasta, I returned it to the same boiling pan to which I had already added olive oil. Stir gently and added more fresh basil sprinkles liberally, Stir gently. Add each of the following in turn and stir gently before adding the next ingredient in the list: Garlic powder; cayenne, Italian Seasoning; More basil. Stir gently and overlap often to really mix the ingredients evenly without any clumping or hot-spots.

Toasted: four slices of 21 grain thick bread. Break each in half once ready.

Serve in a large earthen or ceramic or other preferred BOWL, Plates are for wimps. And the food will cool too quickly when plated. Use a large wide ladle and spoon out 4-5 times atop the pasta and encircle with the halves of toasted grain bread.

Displayed on the big screen:

THIS MUST BE the PLACE, starring Sean Penn

**ALSO goes well with penne pasta!!**