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John Cusack Wants To Star In A Movie Version Of Stephen King’s Doctor Sleep - Jett Black's Playground [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Jett Black

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John Cusack Wants To Star In A Movie Version Of Stephen King’s Doctor Sleep [Aug. 11th, 2014|08:24 am]
Jett Black
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This book on AUDIO is currently playing for one of my clients. The story is indeed an extension of the "Shining" concepts that Stephen King introduced in the book and film by the same name. The lead character is Dan Torrence, son of Jack Torrence, I believe. Remember Jack? Jack at the Overlook Hotel. The extension of the Shining concept is very interesting to me personally. The many descriptions of the "twinkling" in particular. That's alI am going to say about that. The story itself is really NOT for all audiences, not for ALL age groups, and most likely distasteful to the more conservative and prudent of consumers. I do really enjoy King's descriptions of the cascade of presidents as described by their most general personal characteristics, which I believe may be exactly how the average and majority of actual Americans think of and remember those presidents. Enjoy the book is my recommendation, especially if you are not a prude.