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Better Options AFH Ventilator Specialty Care [Jan. 18th, 2015|11:16 pm]
Jett Black
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[Current Location |United States, Washington, Vancouver]

Breath-taking NEW video! CLICK & SEE to APPRECIATE!
Better Options AFH Ventilator Specialty Care
Pinned & also available @ YouTube
Visit us now @ BetterOptionsVentilators.com
Images courtesy of: HenHouseProductions.net

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NOW OPEN & SCHEDULING TOURS DAILY [Aug. 22nd, 2014|07:14 am]
Jett Black
[Current Location |United States, Washington, Vancouver]
[mood |workingworking]

Ventilator-dependent patients receive hospital-quality
long-term care at Vancouver, WA Adult Family Home
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John Cusack Wants To Star In A Movie Version Of Stephen King’s Doctor Sleep [Aug. 11th, 2014|08:24 am]
Jett Black
[Current Location |United States, Washington, Vancouver]
[mood |energeticenergetic]

This book on AUDIO is currently playing for one of my clients. The story is indeed an extension of the "Shining" concepts that Stephen King introduced in the book and film by the same name. The lead character is Dan Torrence, son of Jack Torrence, I believe. Remember Jack? Jack at the Overlook Hotel. The extension of the Shining concept is very interesting to me personally. The many descriptions of the "twinkling" in particular. That's alI am going to say about that. The story itself is really NOT for all audiences, not for ALL age groups, and most likely distasteful to the more conservative and prudent of consumers. I do really enjoy King's descriptions of the cascade of presidents as described by their most general personal characteristics, which I believe may be exactly how the average and majority of actual Americans think of and remember those presidents. Enjoy the book is my recommendation, especially if you are not a prude.

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Playing Audiobooks for Locked-in Syndrome clients [Jul. 28th, 2014|05:01 pm]
Jett Black
[Current Location |United States, Washington, Vancouver]
[mood |accomplishedaccomplished]

Starting into Disc One of THE HOBBIT [unabridged version, read by Rob Inglis] for one of my LIS clients at Better Options Ventilator Care Adult Family Home. Just completed The Children of Húrin (Pre-Lord of the Rings), and before that (last week) The Silmarillion. Rob Inglis does a fabulous job with a nice variety and range of vocalisation for many, many characters in the prequel and the popular triliogy by J.R.R. Tolkien.
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DVDs -- RE: Food, Nutrition, Obesity-in-America; et cetera [Jul. 28th, 2014|02:36 pm]
Jett Black
[Current Location |United States, Washington, Vancouver]
[mood |pensivepensive]

DVDs -- RE: Food, Nutrition, Obesity-in-America; et cetera
-- VIDEOS which reference:

Food, Nutrition, Obesity-in-America; Anxiety, Depression, Social Disorders; Eating Disorders; Coping Mechanisms; Strategies for Success; Dealing with Failure; Corporate Greed & exploitation of vulnerable citizenry; practical and medical health and wellness alternatives to the status quo.

Whenever possible, links to both Netflix and to the International Movie DataBase have been provided.

Food, Inc. (2008)
"An unflattering look inside America's corporate controlled food industry."

Food, Inc. (2008) @ Netflix.com
"Director Robert Kenner's provocative, Oscar-nominated documentary looks at the food industry's harmful effects on human health and the environment."


Forks Over Knives (2011)
"Examines the profound claim that most, if not all, of the degenerative diseases that afflict us can be controlled, or even reversed, by rejecting our present menu of animal-based and processed foods."

Forks Over Knives (2011)
"According to the research of two food scientists, the popularity of processed foods has led to epidemic rates of obesity, diabetes and other diseases."

Forks Over Knives - The Extended Interviews (2012)
"This companion to the acclaimed documentary about veganism includes additional footage of expert interviews, covering several themes in greater depth."


Food Matters (2008)
"Food Matter examines how the food we eat can help or hurt our health. Nutritionists, naturopaths, doctors, and journalists weigh in on topics organic food, food safety, raw foodism, and nutritional therapy."

Food Matters (2008)
"This film takes a timely and hard-hitting look at how the food we eat is helping or hurting our health, and what we can do to live (and eat) better."

"This show documents the American medical establishment's bias against nutritional therapy. It's well produced. It contains no product or service promotional material. More importantly, it was intelligent discussion."


Killer at Large (2008)
"An overview of the politics, social effects and problems associated with the rising epidemic of American obesity."

Killer at Large: Why Obesity is America's Greatest Threat (2008)
"This probing documentary explores the ever-expanding issue of obesity in America from individual, political, scientific and cultural perspectives."


Big as Life: Obesity in America
"Adults and kids coping with obesity discuss size acceptance, discrimination and more as they share touching stories about their daily challenges."


Vegucated (2010)
"Vegucated is a guerrilla-style documentary that follows three meat- and cheese-loving New Yorkers who agree to adopt a vegan diet for six weeks and learn what it's all about. They have no idea that so much more than steak is at stake and that the planet's fate may fall on their plates. Lured by tales of weight lost and health regained, they begin to uncover hidden sides of animal agriculture that make them wonder whether solutions offered in films like Food, Inc. go far enough. Before long, they find themselves risking everything to expose an industry they supported just weeks before. But can their convictions carry them through when times get tough? What about on family vacations fraught with skeptical step-dads, carnivorous cousins, and breakfast buffets? Part sociological experiment and part adventure comedy, Vegucated showcases the rapid and at times comedic evolution of three people who are trying their darnedest to change in a culture that seems dead set against it."

Vegucated (2010)
"This documentary follows three meat- and cheese-loving New Yorkers who agree to adopt a vegan diet for six weeks in an effort to get healthier."


MAYO CLINIC: (a series of insightful health & wellness videos)

Mayo Clinic Wellness Solutions: Weight Loss

Mayo Clinic Wellness Solutions: Type Two Diabetes

Mayo Clinic Wellness Solutions: High Blood Pressure


Dealing with Social Anxiety (2002)
"Affecting nearly 8 percent of the population, social anxiety, the third most prevalent psychiatric disorder in the United States, compromises the quality of life for thousands of Americans. This educational program defines the disorder and teaches viewers about factors that can trigger social anxiety. Also discussed are the consequences of the condition, as well as effective treatments for this under-recognized, often misunderstood affliction."
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Dinner & a movie... [Jul. 27th, 2014|09:29 pm]
Jett Black
[Current Location |United States, Washington, Vancouver]
[mood |drunkdrunk]
[music |various artists]

THANK YOU: to a special family who this week provided me with a bottle of sweet Cab-Sauv wine, which I am enjoying right now with a penne pasta dinner that I made apparently for myself... o wait, others are now arriving to the house as I type (thank god, else i might consume the entire meal and the bottle alone, if necessary... and it seems necessary).

Okay the MEAL: two kinds of penne I am trying... by Barilla: veggie penne which is a tomato-based pasta, and whole grain penne. Now, the sauce, of course is the real flavour and the heart of the meal... This is an assortment of left-overs minced up and piled into three different kinds of pasta sauces.

The sauces: organic vodka sauce (check it out! Apparently several different producers make this variety, so pick one.); Four cheese Alfredo, with sun-dried tomatoes; and a Parmesan Romano blend. I used about 1/3 of each bottle for the blend and a LARGE handled pot/sauce pan because I will be adding the left-over stock.

The stock is a bunch of stewed items from a pot roast dinner which includes stewed carrots, onions and roast beef with lotsa spices (basil, oregano, garlic, cayenne, etc.) Then there was a whole chicken that I de-boned and added to a buncha greens and celery and various colours of bell peppers... more of the same spices and I forget what else, plus a few types of cheese that I had chopped up from block.

Another dinner left over was another beef stock minced up into some sort of veggies and beef meatloaf sort of pie. So some of that pie top crust dough stuff kinda like dumplings.

Minced all of this up more and added it to boiling pasta sauce.

Penne pasta cooked to full tenderness and expansion with Celery Salt liberally added to the water for flavour and ionization of the water.

Upon straining the penne pasta, I returned it to the same boiling pan to which I had already added olive oil. Stir gently and added more fresh basil sprinkles liberally, Stir gently. Add each of the following in turn and stir gently before adding the next ingredient in the list: Garlic powder; cayenne, Italian Seasoning; More basil. Stir gently and overlap often to really mix the ingredients evenly without any clumping or hot-spots.

Toasted: four slices of 21 grain thick bread. Break each in half once ready.

Serve in a large earthen or ceramic or other preferred BOWL, Plates are for wimps. And the food will cool too quickly when plated. Use a large wide ladle and spoon out 4-5 times atop the pasta and encircle with the halves of toasted grain bread.

Displayed on the big screen:

THIS MUST BE the PLACE, starring Sean Penn

**ALSO goes well with penne pasta!!**

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Resident-Patient's Family Testimonial - July 2014 RE: On April 26, 2010... [Jul. 25th, 2014|07:11 am]
Jett Black
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[Current Location |United States, Washington, Vancouver]
[mood |accomplishedaccomplished]

[images load at LINKED-IN page, though apparently NOT here]

Family of a four-year resident-patient reflects upon the traumatic events that led to a need for long-term respiratory & overall health care services and how BETTER OPTIONS proves to be still the best choice for their loved one.


BETTER OPTIONS - BANNER - AT - FB --- 530857_374139992667163_480053319_n.png

TESTIMONIAL - by the family of a four-year resident-patient at Better Options Ventilator Care AFH:

On April 26, 2010, we received a 3:00 a.m. phone call from Legacy Emanuel ICU stating that our 28 year old son had been admitted with a "bad bleed in a bad area of his brain." They said he had 3 to 5 days to live and that we should come to the hospital as soon as we could. He had been playing video games with his best friend when they had decided to break briefly to visit a corner convenience store for snacks. On the walk back, he silently fell backwards and hit the back of his head on the edge of sidewalk/street curb.  His nose bleed started about 20 minutes after the accident and the ambulance was called at that time.  He was then transported to Legacy Emanuel within the first hour of the accident. Brain surgery commenced about an hour and one half after the accident.

Red blood destroys any brain cells that it touches. Once the dura (blood-brain barrier) is broken red blood penetrates into the brain tissue.  In this case, red blood destroyed one half of the pons and 20% of the cerebellum.  This effectively put our son into a state known as "locked-in syndrome", where only eye movements remain possible.

Our son had been a leader among his friends, bringing joy whenever he entered our home. When he joined us for family dinners and holidays, he brought the excitement level up. After hugging everyone, he would sit down at the piano and begin playing his latest compositions until we were all gathered and ready for our festivities to begin.

He worked daily at a film studio in Portland, Oregon composing music for short films, silent movies, and video games into the night. Each week, he played on two different adult soccer teams. Everyone appeared to love and respect him; he has so many friends. His music remains, beautiful and from the heart.

When we arrived at the hospital, we were told that if they operated immediately to relieve the pressure then there was a chance that they could save him. So we gave the go-ahead and they operated. On the 5th day after the accident, they took him off the ventilator to see if he would stop breathing, or breathe on his own. He did breath on his own; the medical staff were surprised that he did not stop breathing at all.  He took six big breaths per minute, which they said was not necessarily a normal thing to do. But before the accident he was so physically strong and active, playing soccer twice a week.  Consequently, he was processing plenty of oxygen, and had no additional problems. This led the health professionals to believe that it was worth continuing to save him by giving him a tracheotomy. And he stayed at Legacy Emanuel for about ten weeks before being transferred to Vibra, another hospital in Portland, Oregon, specialized for medically complex adults.

However, our son also needed respiratory care, physical therapy, communication rehabilitation, and very personal long-term care services.  And so we began searching for something more appropriate much closer to home only to discover that not many places in Vancouver, Washington offer tracheostomy care services. Rejecting one other option that provides a ratio of one RN to every 12-20 patients, we next discovered Better Options Ventilator Care, an adult family home that provides a ratio of at least one RN and one CNA on-duty at all times for up to six resident-patients.  We are very pleased with what the Better Options staff are doing for our son.  They keep him very clean, talk to him, and they treat him with respect. Each day, they also transfer him from bed into a specially designed wheelchair, set up the Eye Gaze computer communication system, and find programs on television that he enjoys watching. On especially warm and sunny days they also take him outside to sit for a bit beneath a gazebo overlooking the beautiful floral grounds and the lively activity of nature, various pets, and other animals.

Vigilant, caring nurses at Better Options have also caught any infections that he has developed and have provided treatments immediately.

Nowhere else in Vancouver, Washington would even begin to cover our needs as close to what we receive at Better Options.  We feel like their nurses, and some of the other patients, too, are practically family.

About Better Options Ventilator Care:

BETTER OPTIONS - CREED - FEATURES -- 249236_374130696001426_1357381586_n.png

Better Options Ventilator Care Adult Family Home provides ventilator-dependent patients with long-term care in a home-like environment serviced by a staff of Registered Nurses, Licensed Practical Nurses, Respiratory Therapists, and Certified Nurse Assistants.


At Better Options Ventilator Care Adult Family Home we provide homelike atmosphere, hospital-level ventilator care, skilled nursing staff and state-of-the-art medical equipment.

We strive to enrich our ventilator-dependent resident's environment by infusing their daily life with meaning, joy and pleasure. We nurture residents with warmth and closeness of our friendship and care.

We assist residents to function at their highest possible level despite their physical and medical needs.


15214 NE 25th Circle, Vancouver, Washington 98684


FB FAIA - 525572_374135619334267_736679930_n.pngFaia Stevenson

Owner, Better Options Ventilator Care Adult Family Home


(360) 828-5952





BETTER OPTIONS - AREA MAP -  531082_374128996001596_1325610374_n.png

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I am Now scheduling SW WA Red Cross volunteers! [Apr. 1st, 2010|11:37 am]
Jett Black


MY new duties with American Red Cross (Southwest Washington) include "scheduling" active volunteers to service Clark County regional Blood Drive positions for "Registration" and "Canteen" i.e. the Before and After points of service that Blood Donors will encounter during a Blood Drive blood donation. MANY other volunteer positions available. Become a volunteer with your local chapter of the American Red Cross. Visit redcross.org

The local Vancouver, WA Chapter is currently in need of a volunteer accountant to keep track of special projects accounting data.

Want to help?

Contact: Kaya Winn ~ (360) 693-5821 extension: 107

~ American Red Cross of Southwest Washington
~ kwinn@swwashington.redcross.org
~ swwashington.redcross.org

American Red Cross - VOLUNTEER! -
@ Facebook: facebook.com/redcross

Detailed Info ---> Website:


The American Red Cross is where people mobilize to help their neighbors—across the street, across the country, and across the world—in emergencies. Each year, in communities large and small, victims of some 70,000 disasters turn to neighbors familiar and new—the more than half a million volunteers and 35,000 employees of the Red Cross.

Through over 700 locally supported chapters, more than 15 million people gain the skills they need to prepare for and respond to emergencies in their homes, communities and world.

Some four million people give blood—the gift of life—through the Red Cross, making it the largest supplier of blood and blood products in the United States. And the Red Cross helps thousands of U.S. service members separated from their families by military duty stay connected.


Give Blood.



Get trained.

Join Us in our social media spaces:



Youth Blog





Social Vibe
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Music video illustrating predatory priesthood pedophilia [Mar. 19th, 2010|02:37 pm]
Jett Black

Italian music artist Magdalen Graal: Super, dark euro-rock overture/ballads, all the right stuff. Now, this video selection is exceptionally creepy, and so very timely because of all the recent news about Catholic priests under indictment and severe scrutiny; a matter of more and more frequent appearance in the news,... not just now, but also during the past couple of decades, let us not forget this fact; that it has been going on for decades upon decades and that it has been reported in international and national news broadcasts for at least the past couple of decades. We, the massively inundated with daily reports of horrible news stories of so many varieties, may tend to forget the endless stream of heretical injustices perpetrated by the leading faces of the Roman Catholic Church. The practice of Celibacy, apparently, is reserved for pedophiles.

Magdalen Graal page at Myspace.com

Magdalen Graal homepage: magdalengraal.com

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Sears vs Lowes on a NEW WASHER purchase & delivery [Mar. 8th, 2010|07:36 pm]
Jett Black
[mood |ecstaticecstatic]

On Friday, in the laundry room, I noticed that I was standing on a thin carpet soaked with water. On saturday, I shopped at various locations around town for a replacement washer. Sonya stated that she wanted a Kenmoore 500. I found that washer to be insufficient to meet our needs, and a poor comparison to other washers priced only a little more, especially when taking into account the $50 instant refund applied at the time of purchase when choosing an EnergyStar rated washer. The Kenmoore 500 does not qualify for ANY rebates or refunds and when compared with models and brands that do qualify, the difference in price is less than dinner and a movie for one to two people. Hardly worth blogging about, though. I'll tell you what is worth talking about: a tremendous difference in price due to how certain policies impact the overall expense. Sonya was adamant about buying a specified washer at Sears. We had purchased our Kenmoore dryer at Sears. Her eldest daughter had recently purchased a Kenmoore 500 there and she was rather pleased with both the appearance and performance of the appliance. I was pleased with neither based upon comparable features of similarly priced alternatives. I want more for my money, and I found it at LOWES.


The main difference here is not the selection, nor the price of the applicances. The main difference is in the alomost hidden fees that Sears charges; hidden unless you ask for and begin to tabulate the listing of additional fees. Delivery fee: $65. (ADD $20 more if delivery day preference is on a Sunday.) Removal of old applicance $10 - $20. Speciufied delivery TIME/range: ADDS on another $20! Total additional fees (before tax) = $105.00 - $125.00 for the exact same appliance. Some appliances qualify for a rebate of delivery fees, however... that rebate must be registered online, and the refund takes 5-6 weeks, and when you get it, it's on a Mastercard balance.

The LOWES difference: NO DELIVERY FEES. NO HASSLE about a specified time, nor any extra fee. NO COST to REMOVE the OLD Appliance. In essence, the price tag (plus tax if applicable) is the price you pay!! What a concept!

Sears stated that delivery dates would be at least 2 - 3 days out. Lowes provided next day delivery with complete set up and test run of new appliance and removal of old appliance, and even gave me some helpful advice about a problem I had been having with the exhaust tube on my dryer which I will put into action this week with an $8 purchase of a much more flexible part that I will buy from LOWES. Delivery also featured something I had never seen before: A method of carrying the appliances in and out that does not involve a dolly, so no scuffs, no knocking into anything. This method involves a lifting of the appliance with a strong man on each side of the appliance and the lever system utilising simply the thick belts that would otherwise extend around the waist of the appliance are instead applied beneath the appliance and simply hoisting the appliance like it was made of cardboard, the servicemen carried the appliances in and out almost effortlessly, without any damages nor injuries. All of which started with a handshake and a greeting from each, and it ended in the same manner after they explained the registration paperwork, which could be completed online, and answered any questions I might have, and followed up with an invitation to return to the store should anything at all become a concern. I'm very pleased with our new washer purchase, and I am most pleased that we decided to buy it from LOWES.

White: $579.00 (we paid about $100.00 less/sticker price, and then, also the $50 instant refund)


Rated a ?Best Buy? for performance and value by a leading consumer magazine.

Help save water, energy and money with this ENERGY STAR® qualified washer. This washer pays for itself in lifetime water and energy savings and can wash 2 baskets of laundry in a single load. Auto Load Sensing system with Triple Spray Technology automatically determines the correct water level for the load size in the washer to minimize water use.


4.0 Cu. Ft. White Porcelain Wash Basket

32 Automatic Cycles

Auto Load Sensing System with Triple Spray Technology (TST)

6 Selectable Water Temperatures

Automatic Water Level Settings

5 Wash/Spin Speed Combinations

Care Control Temperature Management

Xtra Roll Action™ Plus Agitator

Normal Cycle

Casual Cycle

Delicate Cycle

Hand Wash Cycle

Heavy Duty Cycle

Prewash Cycle

Quick Wash Cycle

Soak Cycle

On/Off Extra Rinse Option

On/Off Fabric Softener Knob

Quiet Wash Noise Reduction System

Fabric Softener Dispenser

Bleach Dispenser

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